The relationship between the alcohol  and music industries, and a challenge to think about changes to NZ's drinking culture.

Music Video Discussion Activity

Listen to the lyrics of this clip, particularly the chorus. Discuss what it might take to make meaningful change to New Zealand's drinking culture? What makes you passionate about seeing change?

Watch the first part of our series called ‘Wasted’. A helpful introduction to the topic and the discussions.

Consider the construction of pop culture and how it is associated to identity formation and an introduction to the business-side of alcohol.

Understanding pain, identity and the harms of binge drinking, beyond statistics, but through the experiences of real people and their stories.

A challenge to pursue dreams as a replacement to drinking, and reflections on our own attitudes and approaches to drinking.

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“They had all the gifts but they reached a certain point in their teenage lives when they just hit the piss and then it all just went down hill from there.”