‘Don’t Drown Your Dream’ is a dynamic teaching resource incorporating documentary footage of a range of subjects, including medical professionals, influential New Zealand musicians and artists, and impromptu interviews with youth, to demonstrate the physiological and social harms caused by binge drinking among young people, in conjunction with group activities and discussion.

In this way, the intended impact of the programme is three-fold: young people are educated on the negative effects of alcohol abuse and encouraged to seek out positive social alternatives, while considering what exciting possibilities their future could hold without the hindrance of binge drinking.

97.5 percent of respondents answered positively when asked to indicate whether or not they had learned anything from the programme. Respondents to the survey highlighted that that they liked how the programme offered a moment of realization or prompted them to deliberately think about one or more of the ideas presented to them. Answers were typified by statements such as, “Made me think”, “It got you thinking about your actions”.

They felt it was honest and showed that people care about the wellbeing of young people. Most notably, the participants highlighted the testimony given by Levi because, “It’s good to hear from someone who has been through that stuff”, and it showed, “how alcohol and drugs affected their dream or their goals, where they wanted to go.”

It communicated “good messages for all us young boys; made me think of what the bad influences have on my career of accomplishing my dream.”

Most common (highlight) within this group of responses was the video component, with a number or participants responding in kind that, “they were easy to relate to, which made it more understandable and more entertaining.”

The majority of participants responded positively, saying that the programme had affected them in terms of their awareness of issues related to binge drinking and the implications of binge drinking.

Grab some friends and check out the four part video series that supports the ‘Don’t Drown Your Dream’ resource, by clicking the link below!